Limited Warranty
Limited Warranty
for Motorola Personal Communications Products and
Accessories Purchased in the United States and Canada
I. What This Warranty Covers
Defects in materials and workmanship in the following new Products manufactured,
sold or certified by Motorola, with which this limited warranty is included in/on the
package: (a) wireless cellular telephones, pagers and two-way radios that operate
via Personal Radio Service (such as Family Radio Service and General Mobile
Radio Service), together with software imbedded in any of these products, and (b)
subject to the following exceptions, accessories or software sold for use with these
Battery Exception. This limited warranty extends only to batteries in which the fully-
charged capacity falls below 80% of rated capacity and batteries that leak;
Software Exceptions. This limited warranty extends only to physical defects in the
media (such as CD-ROM) that tangibly embodies each copy of any software sold
and/or certified by Motorola for use with Products. Software that is not tangibly
embodied in media and that is purchased separately from Products (such as
software that is downloaded from the internet) comes as is and without warranty.
II. What the Period of Coverage Is
Subject to the following exceptions, one year from the date the Products are
purchased by the first end-user:
90-Day Warranty Exception. The warranty is for 90 days for: (a) any software tangibly
embodied in media or (b) any accessories for two-way radios that are covered by this
warranty, as described in Section I, above.
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