Congratulations on your purchase of a Motorola Product!
Product registration is an important step toward enjoying your new Motorola Product.
Registering helps us facilitate warranty service, and permits us to contact you should
your Motorola Product require an update of other service. Registration is not required
for warranty coverage. To register your product on-line, visit www.motorola.com/
Please retain your original dated sales receipt for your records. For warranty service
of your Motorola Personal Communications Product you will need to provide a copy
of your dated sales receipt to confirm warranty status.
For a copy of a large-print version of this guide, or for product-
related questions, please contact:
1-800-353-2729 U.S.A.
1-800-461-4575 Canada
1-888-390-6456 TTY (Text Telephone)
On the web, please refer to: www.motorola.com/talkabout
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