VibraCall® Alert (T5820 Only)
T5820 features VibraCall Alert, a vibrating alert to notify you that your radio is
receiving a message. This is useful in noisy environments.
To activate VibraCall Alert, press \ until i appears. Press > and Y will appear.
To deactivate, press [ so that < appears in the same menu. When VibraCall Alert
is activated, your T5820 will vibrate when your radio receives a message on the
channel and code that you set. Your T5820 will not vibrate more than once every 30
To Use Audio Accessories
1. Make sure radio is Off. Open cover and plug accessory connector into jack.
2. Turn radio On and lower volume before placing accessory on head or in ear.
3. Press J while rotating P to adjust volume for comfort level.
4. To transmit, press M and speak into accessory microphone (if any).
5. To receive, release M.
Hands-Free Use/VOX With Compatible VOX Accessories
VOX allows you to transmit hands-free by talking while using VOX accessories
connected to the radio. See the Motorola Talkabout Accessory Brochure for the
available VOX accessories.
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