To Set the Call Tone
1. With the radio on, press \ until E appears in the upper right portion of
the display.
Current Call Tone setting will begin to flash.
2. Press [ and ] to change and hear Call Tone while flashing.
3. Press \ or M to set new Call Tone.
T5800 has 5 Call Tones
T5820 has 10 Call Tones
Setting the Call Tone to 0 disables the Call Tone function.
Roger Beep/Talk Confirmation Tone
When you turn on this feature, your two-way radio transmits a unique tone when you
finish transmitting. Its like saying Roger or Over and lets others know youre
finished talking.
To enable Roger Beep/Talk Confirmation Tone, press and hold ] as you turn
your radio On. Now, when you release the M button, your set tone lets your
friends know youre finished talking and !will appear on the display.
To disable the Talk Confirmation Tone feature, turn your radio Off and then back
On while pressing and holding ].
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