Nuisance Delete
If scan continuously stops on an undesired Channel:
Press and hold either [ or ] for at least 3 seconds.
Then release.
These steps will temporarily remove the undesired Channel from being scanned. To
restore the deselected Channel to the Scan List, turn the radio Off and then On.
You cannot remove your Home Channel from the Scan List. The Home Channel is
the Channel your radio was set to when you activated Scan.
Channel Busy Indicator
The radio also has a Channel Busy Indicator where the LED will also flash twice per
second to indicate the Channel is in use.
Call Tone
The Call Tone obtains others attention before you start talking. Press ^ to allow
users using the same Channel and Code to hear your Call Tone.
T5800 has 5 Call Tones. The T5820 has 10 call tones to choose. Setting the Call
Tone to 0 disables ^.
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