Talking and Listening
channel and code combination. To set another channel and code combination,
repeat these steps.
Volum e
Rotate P while holding down J (T5820) or Q (T5800) until you reach a
comfortable listening level. Rotate P clockwise to increase and counterclockwise to
decrease volume.
Monitor Button
Pressing and holding J (T5820) or Q(T5800), lets you hear the radios volume
level when you are not receiving so you can adjust the volume. It is also used to
check activity on current Channel before transmitting.
Time-out Timer
The Time-out Timer feature helps extend battery life by preventing accidental
transmission. The radio will emit a continuous warning tone after M is pressed for
60 continuous seconds and will stop transmitting.
Keypad Lock
To avoid accidentally changing radio operation, press \ for 3 seconds. Now you will
see the f icon. This sequence locks the menu, [ and ], and Scan (T5820 Only)
functions. Once locked, you will be able to turn the radio Off and On, increase or
decrease volume, transmit, send a call tone and monitor. To unlock, press and hold
\ for 3 seconds.
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