Talking and Listening
Remember that FRS radios operate at 0.5 watts of transmit power. On channels1-7,
your radio operates at 1 watt. In certain situations, when talking to FRS radios on
channels 1-7, it is possible that they will be able to hear you, but you will not be able
to hear them. This is because you are transmitting with more power (1 watt) than the
FRS radio (0.5 watts). If this occurs, you must move closer to the other person to
have clear, two-way communication.
1. With radio On, press \ , Current Channel will begin to flash.
2. Use [ and ] to change Channel while flashing.
3. Press M to set new Channel.
Interference Eliminator Code
The interference eliminator codes help minimize interference by
providing you with a choice of code combinations.
To set the code, press \ until the code display begins to blink.
Then press [ or ] to set the code.
Press M to save the code setting.
You can specify a different code for each channel. To set a channel and code
combination, press \ and then press [ or
] to select the channel. Press \ again
and then press [ or ] to select a code. Press M to exit the menu and to save the
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