Talking and Listening
Talking and Listening
To communicate, all radios in your group must be set to the same Channel (1-22)
and Interference Eliminator Code (0-38).
To maximize clarity, hold radio 2 to 3 inches from mouth.
Press and hold M and speak into the microphone.
LED Indicator Light glows continuously when transmitting.
To receive messages, release M.
Talk Range
Your radio has been designed to maximize performance and improve transmission
range. It is recommended that you do not use the radios closer than 5 feet apart.
Your radio is compatible with both General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) and Family
Radio Service (FRS) channels. You can talk to FRS radios on channels 1-14.
Optimal Range Outdoors
Flat, open areas
Medium Range Outdoors
Buildings or trees
Also near residential buildings
Minimal Range Outdoors
Dense foliage or mountains
Also inside some buildings
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