Charging Status
The Solid Red Light Indicator shows that the radio and/or the NiCd battery are
Note: When moving between hot and cold environments, do not charge the battery
until the battery temperature acclimates (usually about 20 minutes).
A depleted battery will recharge to full capacity within 14 hours.
Note: For optimal battery life, remove the radio or battery from the charger within
16 hours. Do not store the radio in the charger.
Radio Channels
Your two-way radio has 22 channels:
When the radio is on a 1 watt channel, the z icon displays.
When the radio is on a 0.5 watt channel, the y icon displays.
Channel Numbers Description Transmit Power
Channels 1-7 GMRS Interstitial 1-7 also
FRS 1-7 1 watt
Channels 8-14 FRS 8-14 0.5 watt
Channels 15-22 GMRS Primary 1-8 1 watt
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