Turn the Radio On or Off
1. Rotate the On/Off/Volume knob clockwise. You will hear the self-test pass tone
and see the display icons light momentarily and LED indicator flash green.
2. Rotate the On/Off/Volume knob counterclockwise until you hear a click
and both the display and the LED indicators turn off.
Adjust the Volume
1. Turn the On/Off/Volume knob clockwise to increase the volume, or coun-
terclockwise to decrease the volume.
Select a Conventional Radio Channel
1. Turn the Channel Selector knob clockwise or counterclockwise until you
reach the desired channel.
Select an LTR Channel/Talkgroup
1. Turn the Channel Selector knob to select the appropriate LTR channel/
talkgroup. – OR – or to select the appropriate LTR channel/talk-
group. – OR – Press any of the programmable buttons to access a prepro-
grammed talkgroup. Then use either the Channel Selector knob or
and to select the appropriate LTR channel/talkgroup.
1. Turn radio on and adjust volume to the desired level.
2. Select desired channel/talkgroup.
3. Listen for voice acitivity. The LED indicator flashes red while receiving.
1. Hold the radio vertically 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm) from your mouth. Press
the PTT button to talk. The LED indicator lights steady red while sending.
2. Release PTT button to listen.
Start or Stop System Scan
1. Press the preprogrammed Scan button to start scan. – OR – or
to select a channel/talkgroup that contains a Scan list. From the Scan
menu, select SCAN ON. The LED indicator blinks green during scanning.
2. Press the preprogramed Scan button again to stop scan. – OR – From the
Scan menu, select SCAN OFF.
Delete a Nuisance Channel/Talkgroup During Scanning
1. While the radio is on a nuisance channel/talkgroup, hold down the prepro-
grammed Nuisance Delete button until you hear a tone.
2. Release Nuisance Delete button.
PR400 Quick Reference Card
Record the functions for your radio’s programmable buttons in the table
provided below.
0 #
Channel Selector Knob
On/Off/Volume Knob
Side Button 1
Side Button 2
Front Button P1
Menu Scroll
Front Button P2
DTMF Keypad
Button Function Short Press Long Press Hold Down Page
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