L or M to
select a number from
the phone list.
– or –
a. Press and release the preprogrammed
Speed Dial button.
a. Press the key (0 to 9) corresponding to
the number you want to call.
Note: To redial the last number dialed (if not
using Speed Dial), press and release
the PTT button immediately after the
access code is sent. The radio sends
the last number dialed.
7– or –
If you entered your access code
using the DTMF keypad, press L
once to access the last number
dialed; then press and release the
PTT button.
8Press and release the PTT button, if required
for your radio.
XXXXXXXX 9When your party answers, press and hold the
PTT button to talk. Hold the radio in a vertical
position with the microphone 1 to 2 inches
(2.5 to 5 cm) away from your mouth. Release
the PTT button when the other party wants to
talk, both parties will need to speak in turn.
10 Disconnect the phone call when the
conversation is completed (see page 46).
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