Your radio is equipped with the Scan feature,
which allows you to monitor multiple channels/
talkgroups for voice activity. The radio will stop
on a channel/talkgroup when it detects activity
on it.
Scan lists are assigned per channel/talkgroup,
by your dealer/programmer. Your radio
automatically switches to a channel/talkgroup,
within that scan list, when it detects activity.
You can edit these lists through your radio’s
menu (see page 42).
The LED indicator blinks green during scan
mode; it stops blinking when the radio switches
to an active channel/talkgroup.
The Gsymbol appears on the display while in
scan mode.
There are two ways that your radio scans:
System Scan (manual)
Auto Scan (automatic)
The Talkback feature allows you to respond to
a transmission while scanning. If transmission
is detected on a channel/talkgroup while
scanning, the radio will stop on that channel/
talkgroup for a default period of time after
activity has ceased. This is referred to as
“hangtime”. During this hangtime you may
respond by pressing the PTT button.
Note: The LED scan indicator stops blinking while
the radio is in hangtime. If the PTT button is
not pressed after the preprogrammed
hangtime, the radio returns to scanning
Press the preprogrammed Scan button to start
scanning channels/talkgroups in your scan list
(if Auto Scan is not enabled) (see page 24).
– or –
1Select a channel or talkgroup that contains a
Scan list.
2J to enter menu mode.
3L or M until SYS SCAN
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