Menu Button
If preprogrammed by your dealer, the two front
buttons (K and J) can be used, in
conjunction with other programmable features,
to access and select menu options (J); and
exit menu mode (K).
The J button can be preprogrammed by your
dealer to either a short or long press to access
the Menu Mode.
Menu Scroll Buttons
Used to scroll while in Menu Mode.
Refer to the menu navigation chart for
menu selectable features at the back of
this manual.
Navigate the Menu
L or M to scroll through the menu
options. If you scroll past the last option, the
selection wraps around and starts again.
When you reach the required option, a short
press of the J button selects that option and
enters the sub-menu.
L or M to scroll through the sub-menu
options. Select the option with a short press of
the J button.
Exit the Menu
While in Menu Mode, the K button is
automatically assigned to completely exit the
Menu Mode by a long press, or by a series of
short presses to exit from a sub-level of the
menu hierarchy.
The radio also exits the menu mode if there
have been no inputs via the navigation buttons
for the default “Inactivity Time” or after a
selection has been made.
Once you have exited Menu Mode, the K and
J buttons return to normal programmable
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