A list of Motorola authorized batteries and
battery chargers appears on page 66. The
listed chargers will charge only Motorola
authorized batteries. Other batteries may not
Slow Charger
Note: Do not use the slow charger if using lithium-
ion (Li-Ion) or nickel-metal hydride (NiMH)
batteries. The slow charger is for a nickel-
cadmium (NiCd) battery only.
Flashing Yellow Battery in charger but wait-
ing to be charged. The bat-
tery temperature may be too
hot or too cold. The voltage
may be lower than the pre-
determined threshold level
for charging.
Flashing GreenbBattery 90% (or more)
charged. Trickle charging.
Green Battery fully charged.
a. Remove the battery from the charger and
use a pencil eraser to clean the three metal
contacts at the back of the battery. Place the
battery back into the charger. If the LED
indicator continues to flash red, replace the
b. A standard battery may require 90 minutes
to charge to 90% capacity. Even though new
batteries might prematurely indicate a full
charge (steady green LED), charge the
battery for 14 to 16 hours prior to initial use
for best performance.
LED color Status
1Turn the radio off.
2Place the battery, with or without the radio, in
the charger pocket.
• The charger LED indicates the charging
LED color Status
No LED Indication Battery inserted incorrectly
or battery not detected.
Steady Red Battery is in over night
charge mode. The battery is
fully charged after 11 hours.
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