Charging Your Battery
This radio is powered by a nickel-cadmium
(NICd), a nickel-metal hydride (NiMH), or a
lithium-ion (Li-lon) rechargeable battery.
Charge the battery before use to ensure
optimum capacity and performance. The
battery was designed specifically to be used
with a Motorola charger. Charging in non-
Motorola equipment may lead to battery
damage and void the battery warranty.
Note: When charging a battery attached to a radio,
turn the radio off to ensure a full charge.
The battery should be at about 77°F (25°C)
(room temperature), whenever possible.
Charging a cold battery (below 50° F [10°C])
may result in leakage of electrolyte and
ultimately in failure of the battery. Charging a
hot battery (above 95°F [35°C]) results in
reduced discharge capacity, affecting the
performance of the radio. Motorola rapid-rate
battery chargers contain a temperature-
sensing circuit to ensure that batteries are
charged within the temperature limits stated
If a battery is new, or its charge level is very
low, you will need to charge it before you can
use it. When the battery level is low and the
radio is in transmit mode you will see the LED
indicator flash red. Upon release of the PTT
button, you will hear an alert tone.
Note: Batteries are shipped uncharged from the
factory. Always charge a new battery 14 to 16
hours before initial use, regardless of the
status indicated by the charger.
Note: Do not use the wall charger and desktop
charger at the same time when charging.
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