When you hear a repetitive tone and the LED
blinks yellow, do one of the following:
Press the PTT button while the display still
shows the Call Alert in the Notification List to
respond with a Private Call.
Press to exit the Notification List. The alert
is moved to the Missed Call Log.
See Notification List on page 139 for details about
the Notification List.
See Call Log Features on page 92 for details
about the Missed Call List.
Making a Call Alert from the Contact List
to access the menu.
or to Contacts and press to select.
3Use one of the steps described next to select the
required subscriber alias or ID:
select the subscriber alias or ID directly
or to the required subscriber alias or
ID and press to select.
use the Manual Dial menu
or to Manual Dial and press
to select.
or to Radio Number and press
to select.
The first line of the display shows Radio
Number: , the second line of the display
shows a blinking cursor. Enter the
subscriber ID you want to page and press
or to Call Alert and press to
The display shows Call Alert and the
subscriber alias or ID, indicating that the Call Alert
has been sent.
The LED lights up solid green when your radio is
sending the Call Alert.
Advanced Features in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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