The DTMF tone sounds and the display shows
Ending Phone Call.
If successful, a tone sounds and the display shows
Phone Call Ended. Your radio returns to the Call
Phone screen.
If unsuccessful, your radio returns to the Phone
Call screen. Repeat Steps 8 and 9 or wait for the
telephone user to end the call.
When the telephone user ends the call, a tone
sounds and the display shows Phone Call
Making a Call Alias Search
You can also use alias or alphanumeric search to
retrieve the required subscriber alias.
This feature is only applicable while in Contacts.
Note: Press button or to exit alias search.
If you release the PTT button while the radio is setting
up the call, it exits without any indication and returns
to the previous screen.
Your radio may be programmed to perform a radio
presence check prior to setting up the Private Call. If
the target radio is not available, you hear a short tone
and see negative mini notice on the display. The
radio returns to the menu prior to initiating the radio
presence check.
to access the menu.
or to Contacts and press to select.
The entries are alphabetically sorted.
3Key in the first character of the required alias.
A blinking cursor appears.
4Use the keypad to type the required alias.
Press to move one space to the left. Press to
move one space to the right. Press the key
to delete any unwanted characters. Long press
to change text entry method.
The first line of the display shows the characters
you keyed in. The next lines of the display show
the short listed search results. The alias search is
Advanced Features in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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