the same name, the radio displays
the alias that is listed first in the list.
Press to select.
or to Edit Priority and press to
7 or to the required priority level and press
to select.
The display shows positive mini notice before
returning to the previous screen.
Note: The Priority icon appears left of the
member’s name.
There is no Priority icon if priority is set to None.
When you start a scan, your radio cycles through the
programmed scan list for the current channel looking
for voice activity.
The LED blinks yellow and the scan icon appears on
the status bar.
During a dual mode scan, if you are on a digital
channel, and your radio locks onto an analog
channel, it automatically switches from digital mode to
analog mode for the duration of the call. This is also
true for the reverse.
There are two ways of initiating scan:
Main Channel Scan (Manual): Your radio scans
all the channels/groups in your scan list. On
entering scan, your radio may – depending on the
settings – automatically start on the last scanned
“active” channel/group or on the channel where
scan was initiated.
Auto Scan (Automatic): Your radio automatically
starts scanning when you select a channel/group
that has Auto Scan enabled.
Note: This feature is not applicable in Capacity Plus
and Linked Capacity Plus.
Advanced Features in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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