The display shows transitional mini notice,
indicating the request is in progress. The LED
lights up solid green.
2Wait for acknowledgement.
If successful, the radio sounds a positive indicator
tone and the display shows positive mini notice.
If unsuccessful, the radio sounds a negative
indicator tone and the display shows negative mini
Scan Lists
Scan lists are created and assigned to individual
channels/groups. Your radio scans for voice activity
by cycling through the channel/group sequence
specified in the scan list for the current channel/
Your radio can support up to 250 scan lists, with a
maximum of 16 members in a list. Each scan list
supports a mixture of both analog and digital entries.
You can add, delete, or prioritize channels by editing
a scan list.
You can attach a new scan list to your radio via Front
Panel Programming.
Note: This feature is not applicable in Capacity Plus
and Linked Capacity Plus.
Viewing an Entry in the Scan List
to access the menu.
or to Scan and press to select.
or to Scan List and press to select.
4Use or to view each member on the list.
The Priority icon appears left of the member’s
alias, if set, to indicate whether the member is on
a Priority 1 or Priority 2 channel list. You cannot
have multiple Priority 1 or Priority 2 channels in a
scan list.
There is no Priority icon if priority is set to None.
Advanced Features in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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