or to Radio
Number and press to
If there was previously
dialed ID, the ID appears
along with a blinking
cursor. Else, the first line
of the display shows
Radio Number:; the
second line of the display
shows a blinking cursor.
Use the keypad to edit/
enter the ID, and press
to select.
4 or to Remote Mon. and
press to select.
The display shows transitional mini notice,
indicating the request is in progress. The LED
lights up solid green.
2Wait for acknowledgement.
If successful, a positive indicator tone sounds and
the display shows positive mini notice. Your radio
starts playing audio from the monitored radio for a
programmed duration and display shows Rem.
Monitor. Once the timer expires, the radio sounds
an alert tone and the LED turns off.
If unsuccessful, the radio sounds a negative
indicator tone the display shows negative mini
Stopping Remote Monitor
Remote Monitor automatically stops after a
programmed duration or when there is any user
operation on the target radio. Follow the steps below
to manually stop Remote Monitor.
1Press the programmed Transmit Interrupt
Remote Dekey button.
Advanced Features in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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