Press to end the call.
If deaccess code was not preconfigured in the
Contacts list, the display shows De-Access
Code:. Enter the deaccess code and press the
button to proceed. The radio returns to the
previous screen.
The DTMF tone sounds and the display shows
Ending Phone Call.
If the end-call-setup is successful, a tone sounds
and the display shows Call Ended.
If the end-call-setup is unsuccessful, your radio
returns to the Phone Call screen. Repeat Step 7 or
wait for the telephone user to end the call.
When you press PTT button while in the Phone
Contacts screen, a tone sounds and the display
shows Press OK to Place Phone Call.
When the telephone user ends the call, a tone
sounds and the display shows Phone Call
If the call ends while you are entering the extra
digits requested by the Phone Call, your radio
returns to the screen you were on prior to initiating
the call.
Note: During channel access, press to
dismiss the call attempt and a tone sounds.
Note: During the call, when you press One Touch
Access button with the deaccess code
preconfigured or enter the deaccess code as the
input for extra digits, your radio attempts to end
the call.
Note: The access or deaccess code cannot be
more than 10 characters.
Stopping a Radio Call
This feature allows you to stop an ongoing Group or
Private Call to free the channel for transmission. For
example, when a radio experiences a “stuck
microphone” condition where the PTT button is
inadvertently pressed by the user.
Your radio must be programmed to allow you to use
this feature.
Making and Receiving Calls in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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