Press to end the call.
The display shows Ending Phone Call.
If successful, a tone sounds and the display shows
All Call and Call Ended.
If unsuccessful, your radio returns to the Phone
Call screen. Repeat this step to end the call.
Making a Radio Call
After selecting your channel, you can select a
subscriber alias or ID, or group alias or ID by using:
The Channel Selector Knob.
A programmed One Touch Access button – The
One Touch Access feature allows you to make a
Group or Private Call to a predefined ID easily.
This feature can be assigned to a short or long
programmable button press. You can ONLY have
one ID assigned to a One Touch Access button.
Your radio can have multiple One Touch Access
buttons programmed.
The programmed number keys – This method is
for Group, Private and All Calls only and is used
with the keypad (see Making a Group, Private or
All Call with the Programmable Number Key on
page 58).
A programmable button – This method is for
Phone Calls only (see Making a Phone Call with
the Programmable Phone Button on page 59).
The Contacts list (see Contact Settings on page
Manual Dial – This method is for Private and
Phone Calls only and is dialed using the keypad
(see Making a Phone Call from Contacts on page
80, Making a Private Call from Contacts on page
79, and Making a Call with the Programmable
Manual Dial Button on page 61).
Note: Your radio must have the Privacy feature
enabled on the channel to send a privacy-enabled
transmission. Only target radios with the same
Privacy Key OR the same Key Value and Key ID as
your radio will be able to unscramble the
Note: See Privacy on page 122 for more information.
Making a Group Call
To make a call to a group of users, your radio must
be configured as part of that group.
Making and Receiving Calls in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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