Making and Receiving Calls in Non-
Connect Plus Mode
Selecting a Zone
A zone is a group of channels. Your radio supports up
to 1000 channels and 250 zones, with a maximum of
160 channels per zone.
1Access the Zone feature.
Radio Controls Steps
Zone button
Press the programmed Zone
Radio menu 1
to access the menu.
2 or to Zone and
press to select.
The current zone is displayed and indicated by a
2Select the required zone.
or or and scroll to the required
Keypad 1Enter the first character of the
required zone.
2A blinking cursor appears allowing
you to continue entering the
subsequent characters of the
required zone.
Note: Press to move one space to
the left. Press to move one space
to the right. Press the key to
delete any unwanted characters.
Long press to change the text
entry method.
Note: The first line of the display
shows the characters you keyed in.
The second line shows a zone that
matches what you have already
keyed in. The alias search is case-
Making and Receiving Calls in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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