Switching Between Conventional Analog and
Digital Mode
Each channel in your radio can be configured as a
conventional analog or conventional digital channel.
Use the Channel Selector Knob ( ) to switch
between an analog or a digital channel.
When switching from digital to analog mode, certain
features are unavailable. Icons for the digital features
(such as Messages) reflect this change by appearing
‘grayed out’. Disabled features are hidden in the
Your radio also has features available in both analog
and digital mode. However, the minor differences in
the way each feature works does not affect the
performance of your radio.
Note: Your radio also switches between digital and
analog modes during a dual mode scan (see Scan on
page 75).
IP Site Connect
This feature allows your radio to extend conventional
communication beyond the reach of a single site, by
connecting to different available sites which are
connected via an Internet Protocol (IP) network.
When the radio moves out of range from one site and
into the range of another, it connects to the new site's
repeater to send or receive calls/data transmissions.
Depending on your settings, this is done
automatically or manually.
If the radio is set to do this automatically, it scans
through all available sites when the signal from the
current site is weak or when the radio is unable to
detect any signal from the current site. It then locks
on to the repeater with the strongest Received Signal
Strength Indicator (RSSI) value.
Additional Radio Controls in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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