Accessing the Programmed Functions
You can access various radio functions through one
of the following ways:
A short or long press of the relevant
programmable buttons.
Use the Menu Navigation Buttons as follows:
Press to access the menu. Press the
appropriate Menu Scroll button ( or ) to
access the menu functions.
2To select a function or enter a sub-menu, press
the button.
3To go back one menu level, or to return to the
previous screen, press the button. Long
press the button to return to the Home
Note: Your radio automatically exits the menu
after a period of inactivity and returns to your
Home screen.
Identifying Status Indicators
Display Icons
The 132 x 90 pixels, 256 colors, liquid crystal display
(LCD) of your radio shows radio status, text entries,
and menu entries.
The following are icons that appear on the radio’s
display. Icons are displayed on the status bar,
arranged left-most in order of appearance/usage and
are channel specific.
Received Signal Strength Indicator
The number of bars displayed
represents the radio signal strength.
Four bars indicate the strongest signal.
This icon is only displayed while
Additional Radio Controls in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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