Checking the Degree of Tilt (Accelerometer)
Note: The measurement on the display shows the
degree of tilt at the moment you press to accept
the Accelerometer option. If you change the angle
of the radio after pressing , the radio does not
change the measurement shown on its display. It
continues to display the measurement taken when
was pressed.
If the portable radio has been enabled for the Man
Down Alarms, there is a menu option to check how
the radio measures the degree of tilt. This is a helpful
feature when the dealer or Radio System
Administrator uses the MOTOTRBO Connect Plus
Option Board CPS programming software to
configure the activation angle that will trigger the tilt
to access the menu.
or to Utilities and press to select.
or to Radio Info and press to
4Tilt the radio at the angle that triggers the Tilt
or to Accelerometer and press to
The display shows the radio’s angle of tilt
(deviation from perpendicular vertical position) in
degrees (example: 62 Deg.) Based on this, use
MOTOTRBO Connect Plus Option Board CPS to
configure the Activation Angle for 60 degrees
(which is the closest programmable value). The
Tilt Alarm timers are triggered when the Activation
Angle is 60 degrees, or greater.
Checking the Radio Model Number Index
This index number identifies your radio’s model-
specific hardware. Your radio system administrator
may ask for this number when preparing a new
Option Board codeplug for your radio.
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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