Note: The Home screen does not light up during a
power up if the LED indicator is disabled (see Turning
the LED Indicator On or Off on page 151).
A brief tone sounds, indicating that the power up test
is successful.
Note: There is no power up tone if the radio tones/
alerts function is disabled (see Turning the Radio
Tones/Alerts On or Off on page 145).
If your radio does not power up, check your battery.
Make sure that it is charged and properly attached. If
your radio still does not power up, contact your
To turn off the radio, rotate this knob
counterclockwise until you hear a click. You see a
brief Powering Down on the radio’s display.
Adjusting the Volume
To increase the volume, turn the On/Off/Volume
Control Knob clockwise.
To decrease the volume, turn this knob
Note: Your radio can be programmed to have a
minimum volume offset where the volume level
cannot be lowered past the programmed minimum
volume. Check with your dealer or system
administrator for more information.
Preparing Your Radio for Use
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