or to Yes and press to select. The
display shows positive mini notice.
or to No and press to return to the
previous screen.
Receiving a Text Message
When your radio receives a message, the display
shows the Notification List with the alias or ID of the
sender and the Message icon.
You can select one of the following options when
receiving a text message:
• Read.
Read Later.
• Delete.
Reading a Text Message
or to Read? and press to select.
Selected message in the Inbox opens.
2Do one of the following:
Press to return to the Inbox.
Press a second time to reply, forward, or
delete the text message.
Managing Received Text Messages
Use the Inbox to manage your text messages. The
Inbox is capable of storing a maximum of 30
Text messages in the Inbox are sorted according to
the most recently received.
Your radio supports the following options for text
• Reply
• Forward
• Delete
Delete All
Note: If the channel type is not a match, you can only
forward, delete, or delete all Received messages.
Long press at any time to return to the Home
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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