Preparing Your Radio for Use
Charging the Battery
For best performance, your radio is powered by a
Motorola-approved Nickel Metal-Hydride (NiMH) or
Lithium-Ion (Li-lon) battery. To avoid damage and to
ensure compliance with warranty terms, charge the
battery using a Motorola charger exactly as described
in the charger user guide. It is recommended your
radio remains powered off while charging.
Charge a new battery 14 to 16 hours before initial use
for best performance.
Attaching the Battery
1Align the battery with the rails on the back of the
radio. Press the battery firmly, and slide upwards
until the latch snaps into place. Slide battery latch
into lock position.
2To remove the battery, turn the radio off. Move the
battery latch ( ) into unlock position and hold, and
slide the battery down and off the rails.
Preparing Your Radio for Use
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