or to Connect Plus and press to
or to Man Down Alarm and press to
or to Reset and press to select.
The radio displays a brief confirmation message.
Beacon Feature
This section describes the Beacon feature. The
Beacon feature is part of Connect Plus Man Down, a
purchasable feature. Your dealer or Radio System
Administrator can tell you if the Beacon feature
applies to your radio.
If your radio has been enabled and programmed for
one or more of the Man Down Alarms, it can also be
enabled for the Beacon feature.
If your radio automatically starts an Emergency Call
or Emergency Alert due to one of the Man Down
Alarms, and if your radio is also enabled for the
Beacon feature, the radio starts to periodically emit a
high pitched tone approximately once every ten
seconds. The interval can vary depending on whether
you are talking on your radio. The purpose of the
Beacon tone is to help searchers locate you. If your
radio has also been enabled for the “Visual Beacon”,
the radio’s backlight comes on for a few seconds
every time the Beacon tone plays.
You can stop your radio from playing the Beacon tone
by using a programmable button, if your radio has
been configured in this manner. This is discussed in
the next two sections. If your radio does not have the
programmable button or menu option, you can stop
the Beacon tone by turning the radio off and then on
again, or by changing to a different zone (if your radio
has been programmed for more than one zone).
Turning Beacon On and Off
The procedure for turning the Beacon On and Off
depends on how your radio is programmed. If
programmed with a Beacon On/Off button, use the
button to toggle the Beacon On and Off.
When using the programmable button to toggle
the Beacon On, your radio plays a tone that rises
in pitch and shows a brief confirmation message.
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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