depends on whether Scan Talkback was enabled or
disabled during radio programming. For more
information on how your radio is programmed,
contact your radio dealer (or your radio system
The radio leaves the scanned call and
attempts to transmit on the contact for
the currently selected channel
position. After the Call Hang Time on
the currently selected contact expires,
the radio returns to the home channel
and starts the Scan Hang Time Timer.
The radio resumes group scan after its
Scan Hang Time Timer expires.
If the PTT button is pressed during the
Group Hang Time of the scanned call,
the radio attempts to transmit to the
scanned group.
Note: If you scan into a call for a group that is not
assigned to a channel position in the currently
selected zone and you miss the Hang Time of the
call, switch to the proper zone and then select the
channel position of the group to talk back to that
Contacts Settings
Note: You can add, or edit subscriber IDs for Connect
Plus Contacts. Deleting subscriber IDs can only be
performed by your dealer.
If the Privacy feature is enabled on a channel, you
can make a privacy-enabled voice call on that
channel. Only target radios with the same Privacy
Key OR the same Key Value and Key ID as your
radio are able to unscramble the transmission.
Contacts provide “address-book” capabilities on your
radio. Each entry corresponds to an alias or ID that
you use to initiate a call.
Each zone provides a Contact List with up to 100
contacts. The following contact types are available:
Private Call
Group Call
Multigroup Call
Site All Call Voice
Site All Call Text
Dispatch Call
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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