If this group is already on the scan list for the
currently selected zone, the Delete (Group Alias)
message is displayed.
Press to accept the displayed message (Add
or Delete).
If deleting a group from the list, you will know the
operation is successful because the plus sign (+)
will no longer display immediately before the alias.
If adding a group to the list, you will know the
operation is successful because the plus sign (+)
will display before the alias.
If you are attempting to add a group, and the list is
already full, the radio displays List Full. If this
should occur, it will be necessary to delete a group
from the scan list prior to adding a new one.
When finished, press as many times as
necessary to return to the desired menu.
Understanding Scan Operation
Note: If the Radio joins a call for a Zone Scan List
member from a different Zone and Call Hang Timer
expires before you are able to respond, in order to
respond, you must navigate to the Zone and Channel
of the Scan List Member and start a new call.
There are some circumstances in which you can miss
calls for groups that are in your scan list. When you
miss a call for one of the following reasons, this does
not indicate a problem with your radio. This is a
normal scan operation for Connect Plus.
Scan feature is not turned on (check for the scan
icon on the display).
Scan list member has been disabled via the menu
(see Editing the Scan List on page 206).
You are participating in a call already.
No member of the scanned group is registered at
your site (Multisite systems only).
Scan Talkback
If your radio scans into a call from the selectable
group scan list, and if the PTT button is pressed
during the scanned call, the operation of the radio
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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