Handling Precautions
The MOTOTRBO Series Digital Portable radio meets
IP57 specifications, allowing the radio to withstand
adverse field conditions such as being submersed in
If the radio has been submersed in water, shake
the radio well to remove any water that may be
trapped inside the speaker grille and microphone
port. Trapped water could cause decreased audio
If the radio’s battery contact area has been
exposed to water, clean and dry battery contacts
on both the radio and the battery before attaching
the battery to the radio. The residual water could
short-circuit the radio.
If the radio has been submersed in a corrosive
substance (e.g. saltwater), rinse the radio and
battery in fresh water then dry the radio and
To clean the exterior surfaces of the radio, use a
diluted solution of mild dishwashing detergent and
fresh water (i.e. one teaspoon of detergent to one
gallon of water).
Never poke the vent (hole) located on the radio
chassis below the battery contact. This vent allows
for pressure equalization in the radio. Doing so
may create a leak path into the radio and the
radio’s submersibility may be lost.
Never obstruct or cover the vent, even with a
Ensure that no oily substances come in contact
with the vent.
The radio with antenna attached properly is
designed to be submersible to a maximum depth
of 1 meter (3.28 feet) and a maximum submersion
time of 30 minutes. Exceeding either maximum
limit or use without antenna may result in damage
to the radio.
When cleaning the radio, do not use a high
pressure jet spray on the radio as this will exceed
the 1 meter depth pressure and may cause water
to leak into the radio.
Caution: Do not disassemble the radio. This
could damage radio seals and result in leak
paths into the radio. Radio maintenance
should only be done in service depot that is
equipped to test and replace the seal on the
Handling Precautions
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