2Press the PTT button during hang time.
The LED lights up solid green.
3Wait for the Talk Permit Tone to finish (if enabled),
and speak clearly into the microphone.
4Release the PTT button to listen.
If you do not respond within the hang time, the
radio returns to scanning other groups.
User Configurable Scan
If the Edit List menu is enabled, a user is able to Add
and Remove the scan members from the Add
Member menu. A Scan List member must be a
regular Group Contact (i.e. not Multi-group or Site All
Call/Network Wide All Call) that is currently assigned
to a Channel Selector position in a Connect Plus
Zone with the same Network ID as the currently
selected Zone. The Talkgroup alias must not match
any Talkgroup that has been included in the current
Zone's Scan List.
Scan can be turned on or off from the menu or by
pressing a programmed Scan On/Off button.
This feature functions only when the radio is not
currently involved in a call. If you are presently
listening to a call, your radio cannot scan for other
group calls, and is therefore unaware they are in
progress. Once your call is finished, your radio
returns to the control channel time slot and is able to
scan for groups that are in the scan list.
Turning Scan On or Off
Note: This procedure turns the Scan feature On or
Off for all zones with the same Network ID as your
currently selected zone. It is important to note that
even when the Scan feature is turned on via this
procedure, scan may still be disabled for some (or all)
groups on your scan list. See the next section for
more information.
If Scan is turned on, the Scan icon appears on your
display. When Scan is on and you are not
participating in a call, the LED blinks green and
The procedure for turning Scan on or off depends on
how your radio is programmed. If programmed with a
Scan On/Off button, use the button to toggle the
feature on or off. If your radio has been programmed
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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