point you should select a desired group contact.
Other non-supported calls include Remote Monitor,
Call Alert, Radio Check, Radio Enable, Radio
Disable, Text messaging, Location Updates, and
packet data calls.
Enhanced Traffic Channel Access (ETCA) is not
supported in Auto Fallback mode. If two or more radio
users press PTT at the same time (or at almost the
same time), it is possible that both radios transmit
until PTT is released. In this event, it is possible that
none of the transmissions will be understood by
receiving radios.
Making calls in Fallback mode is similar to normal
functioning. Simply select the group contact you wish
to use (using the radio’s normal channel selection
method), and then press the PTT to start your call. It
is possible that the channel may be in use already by
another group. If the channel is in use, you receive a
busy tone and the display will say “Channel Busy”.
You may select Group, Multi-group or Site All Call
contacts using your radio’s normal channel selection
method. While the radio is operating on the Fallback
Channel, the Multigroup operates just like other
Groups. It is only heard by radios that are currently
selected to the same Multi-group.
Returning to Normal Operation
If the site returns to normal trunking operation while
you are in range of your Fallback repeater, your radio
automatically exits Auto Fallback mode. You hear a
registration “beep” when the radio successfully
registers. If you are in the range of an operable site
(that is not in Fallback mode), you may press the
Roam Request button (if programmed for your radio)
to force your radio to search for and register on an
available site. If no other site is available, your radio
returns to Auto Fallback mode after searching is
complete. If you drive out of coverage of your
Fallback repeater, your radio enters Search mode
(display indicates “Searching”).
Radio Check
If enabled, this feature allows you to determine if
another radio is active in a system without disturbing
the user of that radio. No audible or visual notification
is shown on the target radio.
This feature is only applicable for subscriber aliases
or IDs.
Sending a Radio Check
1Access the Radio Check feature.
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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