Radio Control Steps
3 or to Radio
Settings and press to
4 or to Voice
Announcement and press
to select.
Note: You can also use
or to change the selected
5Do one of the following:
Press to enable
Voice Announcement.
The display shows
beside Enabled.
Press to disable
Voice Announcement.
Radio Control Steps
The disappears from
beside Enabled.
Setting the Text-to-Speech Feature
Note: The Text-to-Speech feature can only be
enabled in MOTOTRBO Customer Programming
Software. If enabled, the Voice Announcement
feature is automatically disabled, and vice versa.
Check with your dealer or system administrator for
more information.
This feature enables the radio to audibly indicate the
following features:
Current Channel.
Current Zone.
Programmed button feature on or off.
Content of received text messages.
Content of received Job Tickets.
This audio indicator can be customized per customer
requirements. This is typically useful when the user is
in a difficult condition to read the content shown on
the display.
Advanced Features in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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