Change the channel via the Channel Selector
Press the programmed VOX button to toggle the
feature on or off.
Follow the steps described next to access this
feature via the radio menu.
If the Talk Permit Tone feature is enabled (see
Turning the Talk Permit Tone On or Off on page
147), use a trigger word to initiate the call. Wait for
the Talk Permit Tone to finish before speaking clearly
into the microphone.
Note: Turning this feature on or off is limited to radios
with this function enabled. Check with your dealer or
system administrator for more information.
to access the menu.
or to Utilities and press to select.
or to Radio Settings and press to
or to VOX and press to select.
You can also use or to change the selected
Press to disable/enable VOX.
The display shows beside Enabled.
The disappears from beside Enabled.
Setting the Display Backlight Timer
You can set the the radio’s display backlight timer as
needed. The setting also affects the Menu Navigation
Buttons and keypad backlighting accordingly.
Press the programmed Backlight button to toggle the
backlight settings, or follow the procedure described
next to access this feature via the radio menu.
The display backlight and keypad backlighting are
automatically turned off if the LED indicator is
disabled (see Turning the LED Indicator On or Off on
page 151).
Advanced Features in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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