If not successful,the radio sounds a negative
indicator tone and the display shows negative mini
Do not press during the Radio Enable
operation as you will not get an acknowledgement
Lone Worker
This feature raises an emergency if there is no user
activity, such as any radio button press or activation
of the channel selector, for a predefined time.
Before raising the emergency, when the inactivity
timer expires, the radio warns the user via an audio
If there is still no acknowledgement by the user
before the predefined reminder timer expires, the
radio initiates an Emergency Alarm.
Only one of the following Emergency Alarms can be
assigned to this feature:
Emergency Alarm.
Emergency Alarm with Call.
Emergency Alarm with Voice to Follow.
The radio remains in the emergency state allowing
voice messages to proceed until action is taken. See
Emergency Operation on page 96 on ways to exit
Note: This feature is limited to radios with this
function enabled. Check with your dealer or system
administrator for more information.
Password Lock Features
If enabled, this feature only allows you access your
radio if the correct password is entered upon
powering up.
Accessing the Radio from Password
1Power up your radio.
You hear a continuous tone.
2Do one of the following: Enter your current four-
digit password. Press or to edit each digit’s
numeric value. Each digit changes to . Press
to move to next digit. Press to confirm your
Advanced Features in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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