Radio Controls Steps
Menu 1
to access the menu.
2 or to Messages
and press to select.
or to Inbox and press to select.
When you select Inbox and it contains no text
messages, the display shows List Empty, and
sounds a low tone if Keypad Tones are turned on
(see Turning Keypad Tones On or Off on page
or to Delete All and press to
or to Yes and press to select.
The display shows positive mini notice.
Job Tickets
Your radio is able to receive Job Tickets, which are
messages from the dispatcher listing out tasks that
need to be performed.
You can respond to Job Tickets in order to sort them
into Job Ticket Folders. By default, the folders are
“All", "New", "Started", and "Completed". Check with
your dealer or system administrator for an additional
10 folders.
Your radio supports a maximum of 100 Job Tickets,
all of which can be seen in the "All" folder. New Job
Tickets and Job Tickets with recent change in state
are listed first. Upon reaching the maximum number
of Job Tickets, the next Job Ticket automatically
replaces the last Job Ticket in your radio.
Note: Job Tickets are retained even after radio is
powered down and powered up again.
Your radio will automatically detect and discard the
duplicated Job Tickets with the same subject line.
Accessing the Job Ticket Folder
Access the Job Ticket folder.
Advanced Features in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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