or to Delete All and press to
4Choose one of the following.
or to Yes and press to select. The
display shows positive mini notice.
or to No and press to return to the
previous screen.
Receiving a Text Message
When your radio receives a message, the display
shows the alias or ID of the sender and the Message
You can select one of the following options when
receiving a text message:
• Read.
Read Later.
• Delete.
Note: The radio exits the Text Message alert screen
and sets up a Private or Group Call to the sender of
the messageif the PTT button is pressed when the
radio is displaying the alert screen.
Reading a Text Message
or to Read? and press to select.
Selected message in the Inbox opens.
A subject line may be shown if the message is
from an e-mail application.
2Do one of the following:
Press to return to the Inbox.
Press a second time to reply, forward, or
delete the text message.
Managing Received Text Messages
Use the Inbox to manage your text messages. The
Inbox is capable of storing a maximum of 30
Text messages in the Inbox are sorted according to
the most recently received.
Advanced Features in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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