Option Steps
The display returns to the Resend
option screen if you press the PTT
button to respond to a Private Call
(except when the radio is displaying
the Missed Call screen), and at the
end of an All Call.
If you exit the message sending screen while the
message is being sent, the radio updates the
status of the message in the Sent Items folder
without providing any indication in the display or
via sound.
If the radio changes mode or powers down before
the status of the message in Sent Items is
updated, the radio cannot complete any In-
Progress messages and automatically marks it
with a Send Failed icon.
The radio supports a maximum of five (5) In-
Progress messages at one time. During this
period, the radio cannot send any new message
and automatically marks it with a Send Failed icon.
Deleting All Sent Text Messages from Sent Items
1Access the Text Message feature by performing
one of the following actions:
Radio Controls Steps
Text Message
Press the programmed Text
Message button.
Menu 1
to access the menu.
2 or to Messages
and press to select.
or to Sent Items and press to
When you select Sent Items and it contains no
text messages, the display shows List Empty,
and sounds a low tone if Keypad Tones are turned
on (see Turning Keypad Tones On or Off on page
Advanced Features in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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