Option Steps
Forward Select Forward to send the selected
text message to another subscriber/
group alias or ID (see Forwarding a
Text Message on page 109).
Edit Select Edit to edit the selected text
message before sending it (see Editing
a Text Message on page 109).
Delete Select Delete to delete the text
Resend Select Resend to resend the selected
text message to the same subscriber/
group alias or ID.
The display shows transitional mini
notice, confirming that the same
message is being sent to the same
target radio.
If the message is sent successfully, a
tone sounds and the display shows
positive mini notice.
Option Steps
If the message cannot be sent, a low
tone sounds and the display shows
negative mini notice.
If the message fails to send, the radio
returns you to the Resend option
screen. Press to resend the
message to the same subscriber/group
alias or ID.
Note: Changing the volume, and
pressing any button, except for ,
, or , returns you to the
The radio exits the Resend option
screen if you press the PTT button to
initiate a Private or Group Call, or to
respond to a Group Call. The radio
also exits the screen when it receives
a text or telemetry message, an
emergency call or alarm, or a call
Advanced Features in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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