Note: Long press at any time to return to the
Home screen.
Viewing a Sent Text Message
1Access the Text Message feature by performing
one of the following actions:
Radio Controls Steps
Text Message
Press the programmed Text
Message button.
Menu 1
to access the menu.
2 or to Messages
and press to select.
or to Sent Items and press to
3 or to the required message and press
to select.
A subject line may be shown if the message is
from an e-mail application.
The icon at the top right corner of the screen
indicates the status of the message (see Sent Item
Icons on page 39).
Sending a Sent Text Message
You can select one of the following options while
viewing a sent text message:
• Resend
• Forward
• Edit
• Delete
Note: If the channel type (i.e. conventional digital or
Capacity Plus or Linked Capacity Plus) is not a
match, you can only edit, forward, or delete a Sent
Press again while viewing the message.
2 or to one of the following options and
press to select.
Advanced Features in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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