Radio Controls Steps
Text Message
Press the programmed Text
Message button.
Menu 1
to access the menu.
2 or to Messages
and press to select.
or to Compose and press to select.
A blinking cursor appears.
3Use the keypad to type your message.
Press to move one space to the left. Press or
the key to move one space to the right.
Press the key to delete any unwanted
characters. Long press to change text entry
Press once message is composed.
5Depending on whether you want to send, save, re-
edit, or delete the newly composed message, do
one of the following.
or to Send, and press to send the
or to Save, and press to save the
message to the Drafts folder.
to edit the message.
to choose between deleting the message
or saving it to the Drafts folder.
The display shows transitional mini notice,
confirming your message is being sent.
If the message is sent successfully, a tone sounds
and the display shows positive mini notice.
If the message cannot be sent, a low tone sounds
and the display shows negative mini notice.
Advanced Features in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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