Tx Alarm and the destination alias.
Tx Telegram and the destination alias.
The LED lights up solid green and the Emergency
icon is displayed.
2Once the display shows Alarm Sent, speak
clearly into the microphone.
When hot mic has been enabled, the radio
automatically transmits without a PTT button press
until the hot mic duration expires. While
transmitting, the LED lights up solid green and the
Emergency icon appears on the display.
3The radio automatically stops transmitting when
the cycling duration between hot mic and receiving
calls expires, if Emergency Cycle Mode is
4Once the hot mic duration expires, the radio
automatically stops transmitting. To transmit
again, press the PTT button.
Reinitiating an Emergency Mode
Note: This feature is only applicable to the radio
sending the Emergency Alarm.
There are two instances where this can happen:
You change the channel while the radio is in
Emergency mode. This exits the Emergency
mode. If Emergency Alarm is enabled on this new
channel, the radio reinitiates Emergency.
You press the programmed Emergency On
button during an Emergency initiation/transmission
state. This causes the radio to exit this state, and
to reinitiate Emergency.
Exiting Emergency Mode After Sending the Emergency
Your radio exits Emergency mode when one of the
following occurs:
Emergency Alarm acknowledgement is received
(for Emergency Alarm only).
All retries to send the alarm have been exhausted.
The Emergency Off button is pressed.
Note: If your radio is powered off, it exits the
Emergency mode. The radio will not reinitiate the
Emergency mode automatically when it is turned on
Advanced Features in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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