transmitting radio releases the PTT button,
indicating the channel is now available for use.
3Press PTT button to transmit non-emergency
voice to the same group that the Emergency
Alarm was targeted to.
Emergency voice can only be transmitted by the
emergency initiating radio. All other radios
(including the emergency receiving radio) transmit
non-emergency voice.
The LED lights up solid green. Your radio remains
in the Emergency mode.
4Do one of the following:
Wait for the Talk Permit Tone to finish (if
enabled) and speak clearly into the
Wait for the PTT Sidetone to finish (if enabled)
and speak clearly into the microphone.
5Release the PTT button to listen.
When the emergency initiating radio responds, the
LED blinks green. You see the Group Call icon,
the group ID, and transmitting radio ID on your
6Your radio displays the Alarm List.
Sending an Emergency Alarm
This feature allows you to send an Emergency Alarm,
a non-voice signal, which triggers an alert indication
on a group of radios.
If your radio is set to Silent, it does not display any
audio or visual indicators during Emergency mode.
Press the programmed Emergency On button.
The display shows one of the following:
Tx Alarm and the destination alias.
Tx Telegram and the destination alias.
The LED lights up solid green and the Emergency
icon appears on the Home screen display.
When an Emergency Alarm acknowledgement is
received, the Emergency tone sounds and the
LED blinks green. The display shows Alarm Sent.
If your radio does not receive an Emergency
Alarm acknowledgement, and after all retries have
been exhausted, a tone sounds and the display
shows Alarm Failed.
Advanced Features in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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