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Q: How to restore the factory default settings?
A: There is one small hole at the bottom of the camera. Press the small reset button
inside with until you hear a sound like "drawing a sword”. This sound means that the
reset was successful.
Q: Failure when adding devices
A: Please check that if the camera and the phone are in the same LAN.
If the camera and the phone aren’t in the same LAN, users should use ID number
to manually add the camera.
Q: When trying to watch camera live feed, is says password is wrong.
A: Please check if the remote access password is right or not, the password set up
when adding the camera. If it is wrong, please select "edit" in the entry list of the
camera and set up a remote access password again.
If you forget the remote access password of the camera, you can press “Reset”
and the device will restore the factory default setting. When you add the camera in
the first time, you need to set up a new password. Otherwise, you cannot continue
the remote access.
Q: It shows that devices offline in the devices list.
A: Please check that if camera is connected to the internet.
Q: When video playback, the video files cannot be found.
A: Please check if SD card is damaged.
Please check when the video files are searched and the system time of camera.
Q: The camera can’t connect with WIFI
A: Please check if the password of WIFI is right.
Note: The camera doesn’t support 5GHz networks, please connect the phone with
2.4 GHz WIFI network when setting up the camera.
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