Features on page 102 or Call Alert Operation on
page 92 for more information.
1Do one of the following.
Select the channel with the active subscriber
alias or ID. See Selecting a Channel on page
Press the programmed One Touch Access
2Hold the radio vertically 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5.0
cm) from your mouth.
3Press the PTT button to make the call.
The LED lights up solid green. The Private Call
icon appears on the top right corner. The first text
line shows the subscriber alias. The second text
line displays the call status.
4Wait for the Talk Permit Tone to finish (if enabled),
and speak clearly into the microphone.
5Release the PTT button to listen.
When the target radio responds, the LED blinks
6 If the Channel Free Indication feature is
enabled, you hear a short alert tone the moment
the transmitting radio releases the PTT button,
indicating the channel is free for you to respond.
Press the PTT button to respond.
If there is no voice activity for a predetermined
period of time, the call ends. You hear a short
tone. The display shows Call Ended.
Your radio may be programmed to perform a radio
presence check prior to setting up the Private Call. If
the target radio is not available, you hear a short tone
and see negative mini notice on the display. You can
also make a Private Call via Contacts (see Making a
Private Call from Contacts on page 77) or perform a
quick alphanumeric search for the required alias via a
keypad entry (see Making a Group, Private, Phone or
All Call by Alias Search on page 82).
Making an All Call
This feature allows you to transmit to all users on the
channel. Your radio must be programmed to allow
you to use this feature.
Users on the channel cannot respond to an All Call.
Making and Receiving Calls in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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