In a manual site search, the radio searches for the
next site in the roam list that is currently in range (but
which may not have the strongest signal) and locks
on to it.
Note: Each channel can only have either Scan or
Roam enabled, not both at the same time.
Channels with this feature enabled can be added to a
particular roam list. The radio searches the channel(s)
in the roam list during the automatic roam operation
to locate the best site.
A roam list supports a maximum of 16 channels
(including the Selected Channel).
Note: You cannot manually add or delete an entry to
the roam list. Check with your dealer or system
administrator for more information.
Capacity Plus
Capacity Plus is a single-site trunking configuration of
the MOTOTRBO radio system, which uses a pool of
channels to support hundreds of users and up to 254
Groups. This feature allows your radio to efficiently
utilize the available number of programmed channels
while in Repeater Mode.
You hear a negative indicator tone if you try to access
a feature not applicable to Capacity Plus via a
programmable button press.
Your radio also has features that are available in
conventional digital mode, IP Site Connect, Capacity
Plus and Linked Capacity Plus. However, the minor
differences in the way each feature works does not
affect the performance of your radio.
Check with your dealer or system administrator for
more information on this configuration.
Linked Capacity Plus
Linked Capacity Plus is a multi-site multi-channel
trunking configuration of the MOTOTRBO radio
system, combining the best of both Capacity Plus and
IP Site Connect configurations.
Linked Capacity Plus allows your radio to extend
trunking communication beyond the reach of a single
site, by connecting to different available sites which
are connected via an Internet Protocol (IP) network. It
also provides an increase in capacity by efficiently
utilizing the combined available number of
programmed channels supported by each of the
available sites.
Additional Radio Controls in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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