detecting activity, or
retrieving Over-the-Air
transmissions over the air.
Double blinking green Radio is receiving a
privacy-enabled call or
Note: While in conventional mode, when the LED
blinks green, it indicates the radio detects activity
over the air. Due to the nature of the digital protocol,
this activity may or may not affect the radio's
programmed channel.
For Capacity Plus and Linked Capacity Plus, there is
no LED indication when the radio is detecting activity
over the air.
Audio Tones
Audio tones provide you with audible indications of
the status, or response to data received on the radio.
Continuous Tone A monotone sound.
Sounds continuously
until termination.
Periodic Tone Sounds periodically
depending on the
duration set by the radio.
Tone starts, stops, and
repeats itself.
Repetitive Tone A single tone that
repeats itself until it is
terminated by the user.
Momentary Tone Sounds only once for a
short period of time
defined by the radio.
Indicator Tones
High pitched tone Low pitched tone
Positive Indicator Tone
Negative Indicator Tone
Additional Radio Controls in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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